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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bright light. Bright light.

Gremlins poster originalTitle: Gremlins (1984)

When this movie came out, I thought it was unique because it featured violent puppets. As a fan of the benign and family-themed Muppets, the black humor of Gremlins movie was refreshing. In particular, I had a sense of awe from the fantastic adventure that Billy, Kate and their small town had to go through in a few scarce hours before sunrise.

For those who haven't seen Gremlins the movie yet, it is about the invasion of a fictional small American town by a horde of small feisty rat-like monsters who sought to take over one evening during the Christmas holidays. The monsters sprung, literally, from a mogwai named Gizmo, an exotic pet that required three fastidious rules for safe maintenance, otherwise all hell will (and did) break loose. The three rules I'm paraphrasing:

  • Keep away from bright light
  • Don't get them wet
  • And never feed them after midnight
Billy (Zach Galligan), who received the cute and loveable Gizmo as a gift from his inventor dad (Hoyt Axton), managed to break all three rules. By getting Gizmo wet, little furball chunks popped out of Gizmo's back and immediately grew into other mogwai's but with much more aggressive personalities. Then the little furries managed to get a hold of some snacks after midnight ...

Favorite Scene

Gremlins bar sceneKate (Phoebe Cates, also the linking actress from Fast Times) in the bar serving the Gremlins. Not since Star Wars cantina scene that we get an entertainingly unconventional cast of characters in a bar. The ones I recall were the group of Gremlins playing poker and smoking, a Gremlin flashing, and one swinging around from the ceiling fans. Please add more in the comments if you remember them. But I know the gags were funny.

Gremlins movie quotes

Bright light. Bright light.

They're watching Snow White. And they love it.

Rand Peltzer, Fantastic ideas for a Fantastic World, I make the illogical logical.

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