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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

God is tryin to tell you something.

Movie title: The Color Purple (1985)

I saw this movie reluctantly with a bunch of friends. But since I didn't drive, I didn't have much choice. It wasn't until years later that I began to appreciate the depth of this movie. I saw it again for the second time close to 20 years later on cable. Maybe it was the negative portrayal of the Afro-American male that turned me off.

Worth noting is that Oprah is actually a pretty good actress. Her jail scene gets to me. But there are many other tear jerking scenes.

Interestingly enough, "The Color Purple" was nominated for 11 Oscar, but didn't win a single award. Steven Spielberg went on to win many more awards, but this movie should have been one of them.

Danny Glover is my linking actor from "Lethal Weapon." I had to choose between this movie or "Silverado" (1985) but I wanted to some how pay homage to Rae Dawn Chong's hotness.

Quotes from movie:

"I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don't notice it."
"The jail you plan for me is the one you're gonna rot in."
"See Daddy, sinners have souls too."
"All my life I had to fight. I had to fight my daddy. I had to fight my uncles. I had to fight my brothers. A girl child ain't safe in a family of men, but I ain't never thought I'd have to fight in my own house!"
"Boy, you goin' let this ol' nappy-headed girl cuss you out like that? You sittin' at the head of your own dinner table and actin' like a waiter."
"I loves Harpo, God knows I do. But I'll kill him dead 'fo I let him beat me."
"You a low down dirty dog, that's what's wrong. Time for me to get away from you, and enter into Creation. And your dead body'd be just the welcome mat I need."
"I'm poor, black, I might even be ugly, but dear God, I'm here. I'm here."

Scene clips:

The entry title when Shug was reunited with her father after singing, "God is tryin to tell you something." Powerful scene.

Minor Part, Supporting Casts, Extras who stood out:

Lawrence Fishburne in a small role. But it's not his first role since I remember him in "Apocalypse Now" (1979).

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Hate him back; it works for me.

Title: Lethal Weapon 1987

I debated between "Lethal Weapon" 1987 and "Lethal Weapon 2 " (1989) since both were released in the 80's. There are 2 characters who stood out in LW2, Leo Getz (Joe Pesci) and Rika van den Haas (Patsy Kensit). Leo Getz because he's funny, "Okay, okay, okay, okay..." And Rika because Patsy Kensit is an exquisite beauty (here's a copy of her movie "Twenty One" 1991 on VHS.)

But I chose LW because it has a much darker Martin Riggs. In LW, he's constantly on the edge of psychosis. There's always a chance of tripping out during any confrontation that would end in a disastrous result. Having a just-as-insane Mr. Joshua (Gary Busey) on the other side of the line balanced the tension between good guys vs. bad guys. In the sequels (that should have stopped at LW2), Riggs was nowhere near as perplexing. He was too normal and became uninteresting. Am I the only one who thinks that LW Riggs would have matched up well against Jet Li's character in Lethal Weapon 4?

Mel Gibson is the linking actor from "Road Warrior."

Quotes from movie:

"Look, why don't we just the cut the shit here? We both know why I was transferred. People think I'm crazy, in which case, I'm fucked and nobody wants to work with me. Or they think I'm faking to draw a psycho pension, in which case, I'm fucked and nobody wants to work with me. Basically, I'm fucked."
"I'm too old for this shit!",

Roger Murtaugh: Have you ever met anybody you didn't kill?
Martin Riggs: Well, I haven't killed you yet.

"When I was 19, I did a guy in Laos with a rifle shot at a thousand yards in high wind. Maybe eight or even ten guys in the world could have made that shot. It's the only thing I was ever good at... Well, see you tomorrow."

Martin Riggs: You know they're going to kill her, don't you?
Roger Murtaugh: Yeah.
Martin Riggs: So if you want her back, you're going to have to take her away from them.
Roger Murtaugh: I know.
Martin Riggs: You do this my way. You shoot, you shoot to kill, get as many of them as you can. All you got to do is just not miss.
Roger Murtaugh: I won't miss.
Martin Riggs: We're going to get bloody on this one, Rog.
Roger Murtaugh: Are you really crazy? Or are you as good as you say you are?
Martin Riggs: You're just gonna have to trust me."

"General McAlister. Time for you to die.",
"Go spit."

Scene clips:

The desert scene when Murtaugh was exchanging for Rianne and Riggs began picking off the mercs.

I'm including a deleted scene that would further shed some light on Riggs dark personality. (Hey look, a pun...shed light on dark!)

Minor Part, Supporting Casts, Extras who stood out:

Jackie Swanson, the hot babe who jumped at the beginning of the movie.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

YOU! You can RUN, but you can't HIDE!

Title: The Road Warrior 1981

A movie inked with testosterone. Plenty of high speed chases in cars and motorcycles with cool names (V8 Interceptor, is that even a real car?) and shoot outs in open highways. Arguably Mel Gibson's breakthrough role in the US market.

The Mad Max movies are a trilogy - "Mad Max" (1979), "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior" (1981), and "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" (1985) with Tina Turner. I thought that Mad Max 2 was the best movie in the lot by far. If I could understand "Mad Max" (yes it's in English, but in heavy Aussie accent), maybe I'd appreciate it. Consequently, there are rumors of a "Mad Max 4" with Paul Walker in the lead. Also, Max's had a very cool dog. It was an Australian Cattle Dog.

On a personal note, this is the very first movie we pimped tickets to get in. Is "pimped" the right term when you ask someone in line to buy the tickets for you because your under age?

Lastly, Vernon Wells is the linking actor from "Weird Science."

Quotes from movie:

"They kill us, we kill them! Kill them! Kill them! Kill! Kill!"
"I'm just here for the gasoline."
"I am gravely disappointed. Again you have made me unleash my dogs of war. "
"Greetings from The Humungus! The Lord Humungus! The Warrior of the Wasteland! The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!"

Max: If it's all the same to you... I'll drive that tanker.
Pappagallo: The offer is closed. Too late for deals.
Max: No deals. I want to drive that truck.

"Two days ago, I saw a vehicle that would haul that tanker. You want to get out of here? You talk to me."
"Don't touch please, that's a precision instrument."

Scene clips:

Opening scene high-speed chase when Mad Max (Mel Gibson) driving his V8 Interceptor was running away from Wez (Vernon Wells) and his gang pursuing in their own muscle cars. In this scene, we saw Wez getting hit on his thigh by a crossbow dart from one of his gang member that was intended for Max. Because this scene captured what a very high velocity chase could/should/or would be from the safety of my theatre seat, I particularly enjoyed Max swerving his Interceptor through a rubble of wreckage that blocked his path on the road.

Minor Part, Supporting Casts, Extras who stood out:

Bruce Spence, the Gyro Captain (I recognized him in one of the Matrix movies.)

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

There's going to be sex, drugs, rock'n'roll. Chips, dips, chains, whips.

Title: Weird Science 1985

One of John Hughes' classics. We love watching Anthony Michael Hall acting as geek who thinks he's a few steps ahead of everyone else. At least that's how I describe his 80's characters; not a geek who's a geek because everyone say so, but a geek because that's how he is and has no real problem struggling through life as one.

When I saw this movie in the theatres way back when, I swear that in the mall scene when Lisa (Kelly LeBrock) was walking, the song was "Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison. Later releases on TV, DVD, and VHS (yikes) were playing something else, "Weird Science" the theme by Oingo Boingo.

Lastly, Chet, for some reason, is one of my favorite movie characters. Weird Science is worth watching just for his scenes, and Kelly LeBrock at the height of her hawtness.

Bill Paxton is my linking actor from "Terminator."

Quotes from movie:

"You're stewed, buttwad!"
"Gary was just takin' a shit!"

Wyatt: Gary?... By the way, why are we wearing bras on our heads?
Garry: [hesitates] Ceremonial.

"You know, I can't believe this, Wyatt. I'm so disappointed in us. I mean, all our lives we've been saying how great it would be if we went to parties, right? And now it's our party and we're in the john. We're in the john!"

Garry: Mom, I never toss off to anything!
Mom: [crying] You told me you were combing your hair!
Garry: But I was, I was!"

"So, what would you little maniacs like to do first?"
"I'm gonna tell Mom and Dad everything. I'm even considering makin' up some shit!"
"How 'bout a nice greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?"
"You two donkey-dicks couldn't get laid in a morgue."
"Don't threaten me Al! You're out of shape, I'll kick your arse."

Scene clips:

All the scenes with Chet (played by Bill Paxton). Here's one

Minor Part, Supporting Casts, Extras who stood out

Robert Downey, Jr., Vernon Wells (Wez, the bad-ass mohawk dude in The Road Warrior)

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I'll be back

Title: The Terminator 1984

This movie rocketed Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron into sci fi film history. A low budget flick that transcended beyond it's B-movie genre spawning video games and blockbuster sequels in "Terminator 2 - Judgment Day" (1991) and "Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines" (2003). More recently, rumors are flying online for a Terminator 4 movie. Speculation for the lead includes The Rock and Orlando Bloom (they can't be serious about Orlando, he's an elf). The T-800 Endoskeleton is one of the easily recognizable science fiction characters, displaying in many posters, t-shirts and video game boxes, including Terminator: Dawn of Fate (PS2),

It's interesting to note that OJ Simpson was considered to play the T-800. Additionally, this is one of the the Bill Paxton sightings in small roles. Others that I recall include True Lies, Commando, Titanic , and Streets of Fire.

Scene clip:

When the Terminator attacked the police station and shot down a lot of cops. This scene (see video) was always referred to as a defense by musicians under scrutiny of releasing violent lyrics. The reasoning is simple - non-film media deserves the same standard that censors exercise for films. Terminator is considered a classic by our culture, despite the violence it portrays, especially all the cops that were gunned down.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the linking actor from "Conan the Barbarian."

Quotes from movie:

"I came across time for you Sarah. I love you; I always have."
"You still don't get it, do you? He'll find her. That's what he does. That's all he does! You can't stop him. He'll wade through you, reach down her throat, and pull her fucking heart out."
"Listen. And understand. That terminator is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead."
"Fuck you, asshole"
"You're terminated, fucker."
"Why didn't you bring any weapons, something more advanced? Don't you have, uh, ray guns? Show me a piece of future technology."
"Get out."

Sarah Connor: What did he just say?
Gas Station Attendant: He said there's a storm coming in.
Sarah Connor: I know.

Minor Part, Supporting Casts, Extras who stood out

Bill Paxton, Lance Henriksen

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To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

Title: Conan the Barbarian 1982

The California governor in action. I read quite a lot of Conan the Barbarian series by Robert E. Howard. Apparently, Howard has another barbarian-type character named, Cormac MacArt. I read one book about him, "The Undying Wizard" that was written by Andrew J. Offutt.

The movie is just so-so by general standards. But it remains as one of the better sword and sorcery movies out there. My linking actor from "Empire Strikes Back" is James Earl Jones.

Quotes from movie:

"Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That's what's important! Valor pleases you, Crom... so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you!"

"Do you want to live forever?"

"To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."

There's also a lot of grunting by Schwarzenegger.

Minor Part, Supporting Roles, Extras who stood out:

Valerie Quennessen (co-star "Summer Lovers") played the abducted princess in this movie.

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No. I am your father.

Title: Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back 1980

The movie series that gave birth to a culture. Since the release of "Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope" (1977), there hasn't been any other movie that permeated every subsequent generation of youth. In fact, the kids at the time the first Star Wars hit the theatre in 1977, should have children of their own now, just ripe for indoctrination to the Star Wars galaxy.

There are six movies in the Star Wars saga. In order of release after Episode IV are "Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back" (1980), "Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi" (1983), "Star Wars - Episode I, The Phantom Menace" (1999), "Star Wars - Episode II, Attack of the Clones" (2002), and "Star Wars - Episode III, Revenge of the Sith" (2005). The movies themselves are a billion dollar industry in terms of box office, rentals, and DVD sales. In addition, merchandises such as the Star Wars action figures, tie fighters and x-wing fighters models, t-shirts, posters, and others are all some of the most highly sought after movie collectibles. In fact, Star Wars items are amongst the top searches on eBay.

The cast of characters are well known in cinematic literature. The Empire is championed by Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Darth Maul,the Stormtroopers, Count Dooku, General Grievous, and a few others that I may have missed. On the other side, the rebels are led by Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2D2, C3PO, Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Lando Calrissian, Mace Windu, Padme and other good guys. In between the conflicting sides are other seedy characters, one of which, we enjoyed a lot as an action figure - Boba Fett. He is joined by Greedo, Jabba the Hut, and other bounty hunters.

Much like many other fans, I thought that "The Empire Strikes Back" is the best of the series. We were introduced to and intrigued by Boba Fett, who remains as one of the enigmatic characters in sci-fi films today. His demise in "Return of the Jedi", however, was disappointing. We just wanted more from our favorite action figure. Harrison Ford is my linking actor from "Blade Runner."

Quotes from movie:

"Right now I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself."
"Why, you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf-herder."
"Luke. Don't give in to hate. That leads to the Dark Side."
"Sir, the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1."
"Laugh it up, fuzzball."
"No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try."
"Obi-Wan has taught you well. "
"I have a bad feeling about this..."

Princess Leia: I love you.
Han Solo: I know.

Scene clips:

The title of this entry. It's one of the most shocking twist in cinema history. Maybe even the biggest.

Here's a deleted scene that may help explain more.


The only 80's movie in the Top 10 of IMDb's All Time Top 250. I still put up the Hoth planet battle as one of the best battle scenes in cinema. Other scenes I refer to includes the opening battle scene in "Saving Private Ryan", the seige of Helm's Deep in "The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers", and the opening battle scene in "Gladiator". Additionally, I felt sad and couldn't wait for the sequel when Han Solo was frozen at the end. Lastly, the thought of Princes Leia kissing Luke gave me the willies after I found out in a later scene that they were brothers and sisters.

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All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Title: Blade Runner 1982

Quintessential cyberpunk movie starring Harrison Ford that influenced many Japanese animes. Arguably, Rutger Hauer's best performance. Sean Young is my linking actor from "Stripes."

Memorable scene:

Batty's death (played by Rutger Hauer) at the end of the movie. I thought that the scene was a profound questioning of mortality, especially when the end is near.

Top Quotes from Blade Runner:

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."

"It's too bad she won't live! But then again, who does?"

"Painful to live in fear, isn't it?"

Minor Part, Supporting Casts, Extras who stood out:

Darryl Hannah, Edward James Olmos, Brion James.


The movie is based on Phillip K. Dick's novel, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" "Blade Runner" has a heavy influence on an anime that I like a lot - "Ghost in the Shell."

CLICK HERE to buy Bladerunner final cut DVD

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That's the fact, Jack!

Title: Stripes 1981

Hilarious movie with Bill Murray and Harold Ramis in the US Army. One of my favorite comedy starring one of my favorite comedian.

Quotes from movie:

"Lighten up, Francis."
"We're soldiers; but we're American soldiers. We've been kickin' ass for 200 years. We're 10 and 1."
"Black guys help the white guys..."
"Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it's usually something unusual."

General Barnicke: Where have you been soldier?
John Winger: Training, sir.
Soldiers: Training, sir.
General Barnicke: What kind of training?
John Winger: Aaaaarmy training, sir.

Scene clip:

When the platoon arrived late for their graduation, wearing their messy fatigues, and without their drill sergeant, General Barnicke asked, "Where have you been soldier?" The rest is cinematic history.

Minor Part, Supporting Casts, Extras who stood out:

John Candy, Judge Reinhold, John Laroquette, Sean Young


Bill Paxton had a none speaking extra in the graduation scene. And this was my first R rated movie. Saw it with my dad when I was 14.

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Welcome to 80's Films

Hello Movie Fans!

Welcome to my salute to 80's movies. This is a project that's been in my mind ever since I began using the Internet 10 years ago. My goal is simple, I wanted to make a website, now a blog, for movies released in the 80's. I saw quite a few of them, so most likely, I'll begin with those that I saw. I figure that there should be enough materials for me to ramble on for pages and pages.

Additionaly, I tried to make this fun by linking subsequent movies with an actor from the immediately-prior movie. So for example, I'm beginning with "Stripes". The next movie has to have one of the actor from "Stripes" and I picked Sean Young to be the link. So I picked "Blade Runner" and then selected "The Empire Strikes Back" next with Harrison Ford as the link. We'll see how far I can take this.

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