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Monday, February 26, 2007

YOU! You can RUN, but you can't HIDE!

Title: The Road Warrior 1981

A movie inked with testosterone. Plenty of high speed chases in cars and motorcycles with cool names (V8 Interceptor, is that even a real car?) and shoot outs in open highways. Arguably Mel Gibson's breakthrough role in the US market.

The Mad Max movies are a trilogy - "Mad Max" (1979), "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior" (1981), and "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" (1985) with Tina Turner. I thought that Mad Max 2 was the best movie in the lot by far. If I could understand "Mad Max" (yes it's in English, but in heavy Aussie accent), maybe I'd appreciate it. Consequently, there are rumors of a "Mad Max 4" with Paul Walker in the lead. Also, Max's had a very cool dog. It was an Australian Cattle Dog.

On a personal note, this is the very first movie we pimped tickets to get in. Is "pimped" the right term when you ask someone in line to buy the tickets for you because your under age?

Lastly, Vernon Wells is the linking actor from "Weird Science."

Quotes from movie:

"They kill us, we kill them! Kill them! Kill them! Kill! Kill!"
"I'm just here for the gasoline."
"I am gravely disappointed. Again you have made me unleash my dogs of war. "
"Greetings from The Humungus! The Lord Humungus! The Warrior of the Wasteland! The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!"

Max: If it's all the same to you... I'll drive that tanker.
Pappagallo: The offer is closed. Too late for deals.
Max: No deals. I want to drive that truck.

"Two days ago, I saw a vehicle that would haul that tanker. You want to get out of here? You talk to me."
"Don't touch please, that's a precision instrument."

Scene clips:

Opening scene high-speed chase when Mad Max (Mel Gibson) driving his V8 Interceptor was running away from Wez (Vernon Wells) and his gang pursuing in their own muscle cars. In this scene, we saw Wez getting hit on his thigh by a crossbow dart from one of his gang member that was intended for Max. Because this scene captured what a very high velocity chase could/should/or would be from the safety of my theatre seat, I particularly enjoyed Max swerving his Interceptor through a rubble of wreckage that blocked his path on the road.

Minor Part, Supporting Casts, Extras who stood out:

Bruce Spence, the Gyro Captain (I recognized him in one of the Matrix movies.)

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