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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Welcome to 80's Films

Hello Movie Fans!

Welcome to my salute to 80's movies. This is a project that's been in my mind ever since I began using the Internet 10 years ago. My goal is simple, I wanted to make a website, now a blog, for movies released in the 80's. I saw quite a few of them, so most likely, I'll begin with those that I saw. I figure that there should be enough materials for me to ramble on for pages and pages.

Additionaly, I tried to make this fun by linking subsequent movies with an actor from the immediately-prior movie. So for example, I'm beginning with "Stripes". The next movie has to have one of the actor from "Stripes" and I picked Sean Young to be the link. So I picked "Blade Runner" and then selected "The Empire Strikes Back" next with Harrison Ford as the link. We'll see how far I can take this.

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1 comment:

Alan said...

Hi there ! Great site ! I present a show on a radio station called The Cheese in Wellington, New Zealand called "The 80s Lunchbox", where I play 80s hits and share memories of the greatest decade. I have made your site our "Website Of The Week" between now and the 7th July as I'm certain our listeners will love it.
I have written a small review of your site which you can see at www.thecheese.co.nz . Keep up the good work !
Alan Coffey (Presenter "The 80s Lunchbox" - 88.4fm The Cheese )