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Monday, April 13, 2009

The only problem with kicking the shit out of you is that it would be too easy

Title: Streets of Fire (1984)

This movie is a very underrated and fun movie to watch. It really didn't pick up a cult following and not a lot of people talk about it. But the tongue-in-cheek performances by Rick Moranis, Eric Roberts Michael Pare, and Willem Defoe are amazing. The music is great. I still have my Streets of Fire CD soundtrack. And "Tonight is what it means to be young" is one of the catchiest tunes ever. The movie is also visually stimulating as it transforms a city into an urban fantasy land. By that, I mean that the landscape is not grungy, yet because it's the home of a motorcycle gang, there is still danger.

Diane Lane and Rick Moranis in Streets of FireThe storyline is simple. A rising rock singer gets kidnapped by the motorcycle gang during a club concert. The owner of the club calls on her brother, who is also the ex-boyfriend the rock singer, for help because he's in the military and that he might be able to help. The plot is more of a comic book style maybe that's why I liked it so much.

My favorite character is Billy Fish played by Rick Moranis. He's the rock singer's (Ellen Aim played by Diane Lane) manager. He also has a crush on her and would like nothing more than to have his cake and eat it too. By that I mean rescue Ellen and get rid of her ex-boyfriend Tom Cody. Eric Roberts Michael Pare excellently plays the role of the military-mercenary hero. He simply looks the part of a trench coat-wearing gun slinger.

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Anonymous said...

I think Michael Pare was the actor who played Tom Cody, not Eric Roberts.

Soren said...

Gah, you're right. Somehow, I get those two mixed up. Corrected the post.